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Keith's Cacao came into my life not long after my wife passed away in 2019. Drinking cacao, and playing the didgeridoo became my medicine to help me to transmute the grief and loss that I was experiencing.  

The combination of the didgeridoo and the cacao works really well together.   Whenever I was experiencing sudden moments of sadness, I would make a cacao and sit with how I was feeling.  I might also play the didgeridoo and what I found is that I could alter how I was feeling.  So I recognised how I could incorporate cacao into my work to help other people to transmute emotions and traumas. 

Keith's ceremonial grade cacao has high levels of what is known as the love feel good chemicals.  These are phenylethylamine and andamide.   Pure cacao also has high levels of theobromine which is a gentle cardiovascular stimulant that gives you a gentle burst of energy.  

My Cacao Morning Ritual

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