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Learn to Play Didgeridoo

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This online course will not only teach you the basics of how to play the didgeridoo, you will also connect with why and how it may change your life as it has done for me. Includes approximately 2 hours of video content on the following topics: - Why do you want to learn the Didgeridoo? - Helpful for sleep apnea and snoring - How the Didgeridoo has changed my life - Processing grief and loss with sound - Cultural and spiritual background - How to choose a Didgeridoo - Preparing to play didgeridoo - How to play the drone - Diaphragm breathing - Using vocal chords - Circular breathing techniques - Advanced circular breathing - Circular breathing tips - Rolling the tongue - Get a Netti pot - Overtoning - Cheek Sqeezes Troubleshooting - Incorrect posture - Air leakage - Not enough or too much pressure - Chest pain - Pain in the jaw (TMJ) - Saliva coming out the end of the didgeridoo - Everything vibrates





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