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The Prophecy has Arrived...

Grandmother Mulara

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Grandmother Mulara is an Adnyamathanha elder and Senior Aboriginal law/lore Woman who holds Grandmother Lore, White Whale Dreaming and the Lore of One Woman. She acknowledges the ancestors of the lands on which she lives, works and plays and pays respect to all elders past, present and future. She acknowledges the Senior law/lore wisdom keepers who have walked before her, those who are living now, and those who will come after her and declares the Aboriginal laws as sovereign laws of Australia’s First sovereign peoples who never ceded their sovereignty.

Since 2012 when her spirit was welcomed back to Adnyamathanha, Grandmother Mulara has stood strong in the face of deep corruption within Indigenous Australia and within her community in particular. She was the whistleblower on how the stealing of millions of dollars was accomplished that engorged one or two families and kept the rest of the community poor. Our own people did that to our own people by following the footsteps of white colonisation. She has been defamed, bankrupted and made homeless through standing in truth, assisted by colonial white lawyers protecting their commission from black colonisation oppression. Known as the ‘grandmother of justice’, Gm Mulara is completing a colonial law degree to see the end of the black and white colonial reign over the First peoples of Australia. She holds both laws and lore of the land. 

Aboriginal law is sourced from the laws of creation. It is a song that lives in all things. It is ancient wisdom and guidance, an organic natural source of law that envelops all things. Our law holds the world together. We say everything is sung into form and we have an obligation to keep everything alive. Earth is our mother. She provides for us and we tend her garden. If we take care of country, country takes care of us. If the land perishes, we as a people will perish. We take only what we need, not what we greed, so the next groups that come through will have what they need. That is Aboriginal law-way and it is still breathing.


Natural law cannot be extinguished by a man-made system of law.


‘Country’ refers to the homelands of a tribe bounded by their songlines, impregnated with metaphysical phenomena and spiritual law and the sacred creation stories (the Dreaming) of that place. It refers to the land, water and sky, totem families, ancestry and the celestial realm.


‘Lore’ encompasses the accumulated knowledge, beliefs and traditions passed down orally through the generations.


"Our lore training is through initiation. I have been through five levels of initiation and have been given knowledge, secrets, spiritual insight and law/lore to hold as a wisdom keeper. I hold keys to Aboriginal First Law and been given teachings to pass on. The law is real and is both physical and metaphysical; the metaphysical ancestral supernatural phenomena is discussed, given meaning and experienced as one progresses through initiation. At my highest level of initiation, a bolt of lightening full of electrical charge, codes, memories and law, was blasted into my third eye and completely altered my energy field. I was paralysed for quite some time and this moment was witnessed by about 50 people. It came from the eyes of Biaime, our creator spirit, from his painting in the Biaime cave of NSW. That painting is alive! I am now imbued with the spirit of Biaime.


I commenced colonial law studies at ANU within 2 months of that initiation, at an elder age of 63 years. 

It was prophesied by our old people, our Senior Law/Lore Women and Men who have now passed, that Australia would enter a new era, a New Dreaming, where ‘black fella white fella walk together’ under the authority of Aboriginal law that will return in a new way.


That time has come". 

Grandmother Mulara

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