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I help people to find hope and the courage to express their truth and to find their answers within.

The ancient Australian Didgeridoo came into my life in 2007 and when I play, amazing things happen for me and for others who attend my sound bath sessions.

I never thought that the Didgeridoo would form the basis of my life´s work and I am so grateful for the Aboriginal people of Australia for bringing it into the world.  I feel that it is so important that we acknowledge the ancient wisdom that they bring and it is my desire to learn about Aboriginal Lore and to share this with the world.  I hope to incorporate teachings of Aboriginal Elders and to give them a voice.  I am passionate about correcting how they were treated and to bring awareness of how we really ought to be living in a more sustainable way. 

The Didgeridoo was used a spiritual and ceremonial instrument to connect with the dream time and to sing up the song lines which every living thing and element of nature has.  It is no wonder that mystical experiences, altered states of consciousness and seeing and feeling the sound is normal for people who attend my sound healing sessions.   Many people report losing concept of time and space and feel a sense of expansion as the didgeridoo stimulates the auric field.  What is often felt is a deep peace and love for all that exists.


I have had a heightened awareness since I was a child and could see and feel energy around people and especially  trees.   I discovered Reiki healing and became a Master practitioner in my early twenties and this helped me to understand my gift

In 2009, I discovered how the didgeridoo can heal on a friend who had been in a car accident.  This really fascinated me and so my thirst for knowledge grew. 


I was very fortunate to have had 12 beautiful years of marriage with Gena.  We happily lived together in Lincolnshire, UK and spent most of our time dancing and enjoying life together.  

She taught me so much about myself and encouraged me to grow and express myself.  I consider myself blessed to have had such a wonderful marriage.

When Gena passed away, my life got turned upside down for a while and so a month after her funeral, I packed the car, cleared the house, re-homed the cats and drove to Spain to start over again and this is where I live most of the time.

The loss and grief that I experienced after my wife passed away was amplified with the isolation of the Coronavirus.  There were no distractions and everything came to halt.   I had to go within to fully face the grief.  I learned how to transmute the grief over time by spending time with it, accepting it, understanding it and recognising that it was going to be a significant part of my life´s work.  I now help other people to understand and come to terms with grief and loss which is part of the human condition.


My spirituality and psychic ability increased significantly and my form of healing and helping other people to face traumas became even more clearer.  


As I was transmuting the grief and depression, something really beautiful started to replace it.   I realised that we never move on from grief, we move forward and take it with us.  The experience of grief and so many heavy emotions are not something to run a way from or try to eradicate.    When we experience these emotions and learn how to love and accept them, we become much more compassionate towards other people.    

I have learned to love and accept being able to express a full range of emotions.  I have never felt so much contrast of emotion before.  I have learned to love, laugh, cry, be angry, sad and to accept all emotions without labelling any of them as being good or bad.  Emotions are just energy and they need to move as when they get stuck, disease sets in. 


Through my illnesses, my wife´s illnesses and through helping thousands of other people, I understand how the body responds biologically to our perceived environment.  When we come to terms with our past, transmute it, then we are more likely to self heal.  

The problem is that we have been conditioned by society to think that we can never show our emotions.  This is actually unhealthy and limits us from connecting at a heart to heart level with other people.  


Emotions are actually a barometer for what is going on so we can never be happy all of the time.   We are here to experience a full contrast of emotions and experiences and every single one of us are here to experience trauma.  It is part of what makes us human and is vital for our spiritual development and for helping humanity to awaken to who we really are.  


It is an exciting journey of remembering who we are as it is only when we are in human form when we can experience the contrast.  So the time is now that we need to become fully aware of our spirituality and of our deep connection with Mother Earth.  We are waking up and on mass.  We are experiencing a full break down of the old world order and we are recognising that we are here to fully express our love, creativity and divine mission.  


My teachings are all about helping people to awaken to their true divine nature and to remember what they are here to do.  When I back this up with the ancient Australian Didgeridoo, then pure magic happens.  The Didgeridoo brings out our true nature all on its own and does not need words or explanation.  It just connects us to an ancient source of universal energy that the original custodians of Australia have known about for thousands of years.


The Didgeridoo shows us our truth and lifts the veil of fear to reveal that we really are truly incredible beings.


We are capable of bringing peace and unconditional love to raise our frequency and that of the planet.  We are on the verge of either total collapse or bringing about a much more peaceful world. 

So which version of you do you want to be?

What is it that you really wish to do?

What future do you want to create for you, your children and for our planet?


Love and Light


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