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A private session is tailored to you and what symptoms, traumas and stage of life you are experiencing.  

The low frequency range of the didgeridoo alters your brainwaves to alpha - theta range which is deep relaxation.  

Therefore a didgeridoo sound healing session is beneficial for reducing stress, anxiety and related illnesses.   

By slowing down the sympathetic nervous system, we are more able to cope and self heal. We are more able to think creatively and to make decisions without fear.  

I discovered the healing power of the didgeridoo in 2009 on a friend who had been in a car accident. She had significant pain in her back and neck.  Her pain started to ease, when I played the didgeridoo close to the area that she was experiencing pain.  A week later her pain had gone.  I discovered that the vibrations of the didgeridoo work in the same way that ultrasound works so a sound healing session is beneficial for a wide range of physical aches and pains.