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Serenity Didgeridoo Meditation MP3

Serenity is a Didgeridoo Meditation designed to take you on a journey within by altering your brainwaves to a state of deep relaxation through what is called brainwave entrainment.  


Once we relax the mind, we can then be open to experience the space that is within us.  We expand that awareness out to the universe and sense a feeling of oneness and deep peace.  In this space of the infinite, we can create an intention to be open to new possibilities to manifest in your life. 


This download includes 3 tracks


Track 1:  Introduction 

Track 2:  42 minute Didgeridoo Meditation Session with ambient synthesizers

Track 3:  The same 42 minute Didgeridoo Meditation Session without synthesizers


To get the best out of the download, it is advisable that you listen through stereo headphones.  It that is not available then a good set of speakers will be suitable. 




These downloads alter your brainwave function so do not listen to these downloads if you are driving, using machinery or require to be focused on any other tasks.

Serenity Didgeridoo Meditation MP3