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Serenity Meditation Download

Serenity is a Didgeridoo Meditation designed to take you on a journey within by altering your brainwaves to a state of deep relaxation through what is called brainwave entrainment. 


Once we relax the mind, we can be open to experience the space that is within us.  We expand that awareness out to the universe and sense a feeling of oneness and deep peace.  In this space of the infinite, we can create an intention to be open to new possibilities to manifest in your life.

This download includes three tracks

Track 1: Introduction

Track 2: 42 minute Didgeridoo Meditation with ambient synthesizers

Track 3: Same 42 minute session with pure didgeridoo bliss

To get the best out of the download, it is advisable that you listen through stereo headphones.  If you do not have good quality headphones, then a good set of speakers will be suitable.


These downloads alter your brainwave function so do not listen to these downloads if you are driving, using machinery or require to be focussed on any other tasks.

I feel truly blessed to have been able to meditate on the amazing sounds created by Gregg on this album. I was quickly transported to state of deep trance and experienced a feeling of total bliss.  At one point I felt as though I was flying through a vortex in space! On the second time of meditating I became aware of pain in my shoulder, after listening the pain had disappeared completely. Thank you for the wonderful gift you bring to the World .

LISA , Lincolnshire, UK

Serenity Didgeridoo Meditation Testimonial

Serenity Didgeridoo Meditation Testimonial

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